Monday, March 9, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow & Cloud

Today we made a final decoration to hang for St. Patrick's Day. We used paper plates (cut in half), streamers, glue, and cotton balls.
I cut each color of streamer in two so it would look more "flow-y"

Attach the streamers to a line of glue along the cut part of the plate.

Cover the plate with cotton balls.

We hung them on both sides between the living and dining rooms for some color!


  1. Wow those look awesome! The colourfulness is so cute!

  2. Absolutely fantastic, I love it.
    I'm sure I will do it with my 3 year's old little boy.
    Thanks for sharing and... I'll tell you if I post it!!

  3. colorful and fun!!

  4. It's me again. I still have to buy the streamers but in the meantime we did this,
    let meknow if you like it.

  5. Love this! We just did a rainbow activity the other day. This would be a great one to try...I'll have to go find some streamers!

  6. that is very interesting... I loved it and im gonna use your idea with my kids.

  7. Hello.My names HÜLYA..Im kindergarden teacher in Turkey.The rainbow ii wonnderfull ..I 'll learn to my students.Thank you very much..

  8. Hi Amber, I'm Jessica and I discovered your St. Patrick's Day rainbow and cloud craft from the Crafty Crow. I have a website for moms in my area, and I wondered if it would be ok if I posted this craft and linked to your blog? It's supposed to publish on Saturday, but I'll wait to hear from you first. Thanks! JEss (the site is


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