Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the Bookshelf

A friend recently gave me a book she recommended titled A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel. She thought I would enjoy it since I had recently read The Glass Castle for MOPS book club and Half Broke Horses that was recommended by Charla, both by Jeannette Walls.
I will be starting it tonight- has anyone else read this one?

I just finished Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner this morning. I usually love the Jennifer Weiner books, but this one was not one of my favorites of hers.

Our next MOPS book club selection is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. I'm looking forward to it as well because two of the girls in book club have already read it and loved it! Have you read it?

Last but not least... I finished I Will Carry You by Angie Smith a while ago. I had preordered this as soon as it was available and started in the day I got it. Loved every minute of her story as well as her blog. A total tear jearker... she is such an amazing person with a love for the Lord that is contagious.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A few recent cakes

I recently helped a MOPS friend with some of her cake decorating skills. She had some of the basic cake decorating tools and the Wilton decorating books but had asked me for some help on a few things such. I spent a few hours helping her to the best of my abilities and she finished with a really good looking Batman cake for her son's birthday. This pic was taken with my cell phone so it isn't the best. I'm looking forward to seeing what Shari does with her future cakes and hope she sends me some pics- she is moving to Australia soon!

I tell you I get some strange requests for cakes. I had one for a Medicare card for a man turning 65.

This flower one was for confirmation last Sunday. Their mom had their memory verses printed out and was going to stick them onto this one.

I can't remember if I posted this little one but it was a USA cake. They preschoolers at my house have been learning about the USA at school. This little one wanted USA on his.

Book Update- Kindle vs. Nook

Recently I posted about reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls for my MOPS book club. One of my blog world friends posted a comment that I should also read another Jeannette Walls book called Half Broke Horses.

I enjoyed Half Broke Horses but think I liked Glass Castle a little more. It was neat to see how they connected however. Thanks for the recommendation Charla!

Last night I started Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner. I have read and enjoyed several Jennifer Weiner books so I'm really thinking I will probably love this one as well.

Another thing about Charla is that she got a Kindle for Christmas. I have really been thinking a lot about getting one of these fancy pants reading devices. Hubby said I can use some of our tax money to get one for myself because he knows how much I love to read.

So, recently I have been looking into the differences between an Amazon Kindle and a Barnes and Noble Nook.

I have read articles comparing / contrasting the two, looked through reviews, and thought and thought about them.

The thing is... I don't purchase books very often. Usually, I get my books at the local library. I also look for several books at garage sales.

The last two books I got from the library- Half Broke Horses & Best Friends Forever are each $10 each in e-book form. That is $20 I could save instead of buying the books.

So now I am torn...I really want one, but don't want to spend the money on the books because I would buy books all the time!

Do you have an eReader? Which one do you have? What do you think of it?