Friday, October 30, 2009

Today Lolli at Better in Bulk wanted us to post "Eat, Drink, and be Scary". Stop on over if you want to see what everyone has got goin' on in the kitchen.

Last night I made a pumpkin cake for the daycare Halloween party today. It was orange colored cake with chocolate cake mixed in. I got a little worried at the last minute that we would not have enough cake for everyone (we were planning on 17 kids and 5 adults) so I pulled a few cupcakes out of the freezer and threw on some spider picks. Of course, there was plenty left over. I sent the cupcakes home with one mom, 4 pieces with another, and had enough for 2 pieces for home.

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To carve or not to carve?

One of my favorite things to decorate our yard with in the fall is pumpkins. I love how they look sitting with my mums on an old chair and on the front porch steps. I love how pumpkins look at night when they are carved and lit up with candles even more however.

Hubby and I have carved pumpkins each year together since we started dating. I have also had a picture taken each year of us with our pumpkins and I keep them in a special scrapbook. It is fun to look back at the different designs we have done each year. We enjoy doing simple to complex ones or spelling words or our name as well. We usually do about 5 each year.

This year was only the second or third year we have actually had pumpkins stolen from our house. It was a first however for one to be stolen before we carved it! I just don't understand why people do that type of stuff!

Now we were left with only 3 this year and carved them tonight. I am excited to post our picture on Halloween with B in his costume next to our "works of art". This year, B drew the triangles on for the eyes and nose of his pumpkin and I cut them out. It is so cute!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chasing Picture Perfection- Photo Assignment

I'm back again to participate in the photo assignment from Chasing Picture Perfection. This time the assignment was to capture a picture from a worm's eye view. On a recent trip to our local park, I was able to take a shot of the huge windmill that sits by the historic barn at the museum.

Check out the other entries or join in for yourself... you have until 10/31 to get entered!

Halloween Past

One of our favorite Halloween costumes that B has worn was for his second Halloween when he was Frankenstein. I had ordered this costume from Ebay somewhere and he looked so adorable in it. His face was painted green for Halloween night and we had the grandparents over to our house before he went over for his first Trick or Treat experience. His evening consisted of going to his great-grandparents to T or T there and then off to a local senior living center that hosts an indoor trick or treat for children.

This year B has gone back and forth on what he wants to be. He has talked about a race car driver, ghost, superman, woody... and that is all I can think of right now.

We ended up with a Superman costume for $6 including shipping, so that was a good deal. He wore it to a party last weekend but this week has been telling everyone who asks that he is going to be a ghost. So, we will see I guess! I know I had a white sheet laying around in my craft stuff so if I can find it, he might just end up saying BOO! on Halloween night!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Crafting

So, um yeah, I realize I have been gone for a while. I had a few close friends and family members ask me about my blog, but really don't think anyone in the blog world has noticed my absence. Since we have moved, I have felt unorganized and not been up with my blogging.

I have lots to catch you up with and hopefully will get back on track! I am participating in a blog carnival trying to win myself a FLIP camera and will need to post each day this week. I hope this kick in the blog pants will get me going again!
Today at Mayhem and Moxie, Kacey shared a super cute costume for her little one that she won't even touch. She encourages us to share what we have made for Halloween.

This is a very simple activity but yesterday we created melt-your-own crayons in pumpkin shapes to go along with some of the pumpkin books we read.

Step 1 peel paper off of crayons.

Step 2 break naked crayons into small pieces

Step 3 put crayon chunks into a clean empty can. Set can in boiling water until all crayon pieces are melted. (The glass jars of water are to help keep the can upright)
Step 4 gently pour the melted wax into candy molds or old muffin tins
Step 5 put molds into freezer until hard
Step 6 turn molds over and crayons should pop out. Notice one of the pumpkins has a smooshed face. Poor little guy.
Step 7 color!
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