Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting ready for the party!

Tonight we are going to the Omaha Children's Museum for the First Night of Play: Glow in the Garden party. I have wanted to take B for the past few years, but I think he will really enjoy it this year. The website describes it as:
"Families will ring in 2010 at this early New Year's Eve Celebration that leaves time for mom and dad to celebrate afterward. A night of fun complete with a countdown and bubble wrap stomp, gift bag, activities throughout the museum and pizza dinner!"

Following the Children's party, hubby and I are attending a party in town. B will be staying home with a babysitter, which he is so excited about!

As we go out to enjoy the festivities, we will be sporting some 2010 attire to welcome in the new year. I just got my new camera yesterday and the memory card today, so you can be sure I will be snappin' away tonight of all of the fun!

These were done with the freezer paper stencil method. I've really been into doing shirts lately. I have a couple more I will post about this next week.


The kids also tried out our fairly new paint bellows I purchased from the Let's Explore Shop. We used some cardstock to make a reverse stencil and then they used pink, blue, and red to spray the design. I love the way they look!
Have a happy & safe New Years's!
See you in 2010~

2009, Year In Review!

Our 2009 Year In Review!!! The good, the bad, the smelly, the travels, the friends, the family, the new, and the old!


Got free tickets to the Iowa Cubs game!

Go Cubs!

"Here mom, catch this ball!"

Spent some time at Adventureland. B rode his first roller coaster- The Dragon!

We went to Lincoln, NE to see Thomas- Live on Stage.


Kim and Amber

Wendeline, Amber, and Hollie

Hubby, B, and "Uncle" Terry back from Okinawa, Japan and the USAF.

B with his buddy C.

We bought our first house! We have been having lots of fun with that.

We got a new yellow lab puppie! Oh, puppies are so much fun!! ;) She is such a sweetie though!

Hubby's team wrestled in the brand new high school gym!
We got a new cat named Russel from our friends Benn and Amy.

Our neice Keagan was born!

Amber started selling Scentsy Wickless candles. Click here for more info on a "scentsational" product!!
It had been nice to have something to get out of the house that makes me a little money!

I could also be found still making cakes as time allows.

Matt enjoyed his officiating crew for football again this year. He also still works for the funeral home on the side as well. Busy, Busy!

Memorable Moments

Block building

Leprechaun hunting on St. Patty's.

Visiting the chicks at Tractor Supply.

Happy Easter!

Another black eye!

Future Wrestler!

Amber and B traveled for some "girl party" time to Fremont, NE.

First Fish!

Happy Mother's Day!

#8 on the baseball team. We tried soccer the year before, but I think he enjoyed baseball more.

Now rides with NO training wheels!

Hanging at the pool!

Daddy and Uncle Jeff with Keagan.

Petting our friend's calf.

Independance Day parade

4th of July at the River
Kenefik Park

The visit with the Rescue squad!

Josie had her brother Charles over for a visit for 2 days while his mom and dad were out of town.

Celebrating Matt's birthday- okay, and a wedding too.

Crossing the Bob Kerry Bridge..Travelin' with the Trib!

Apple Orchard visit
Trick or Treat with buddy Pierce

The beautiful mums at our new house

B finished his world map at school.

Looking for pumpkins at the patch for our MOPS family party.
Hunting with dad.

Holiday Lights Festival
Visiting with Santa for the Tot Spot Christmas party.
Ugly sweater party attire!

Blizzard #2 of 2009!
We had lunch and said farewell to our good friend Krista who was moving another 2 hours away (on top of the already 2 hours!)

Our "new" friends moved back closer to family...we would have loved to have hung out with you longer- we had so much fun!

The Stinky

Who could forget the rotten eggs of 2009?