Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tears or No Tears?

There were no tears! My little boy went right in and sat down on the line with some of his friends. When we arrived, one of his friends was there with his dad, along with two other students and their parents. I also passed one of his other friends going in as I was walking back to the car. He hung up his back pack and played with some legos in the waiting area, and then they opened the doors. He gave me a hug and a kiss and I told him to have a great day. He took his blue folder and his bag of extra clothes to give to Miss Ann and he went right in. I could see him through the window and he wasn't even looking back out at me. I told myself I couldn't cry if he wasn't, but it does feel pretty quiet and lonely here without him. (even though I have 4 other daycare kids with me!) I hope he keeps up this positive attitude about going to school and that the tears don't start on Thursday. I know when I talk to Miss Laura tonight, she will tell me how proud she was of him not crying today. :) I am so happy!!!

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