Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Picnic

Well, it wasn't Labor Day technically, but yesterday we had a great picnic at Bayliss Park. We had to run up to Council Bluffs to pick something up and didn't really have any other plans for the day. B really likes fountains and Bayliss has a beautiful one, so I had the idea of grabbing a sandwich at one of my favorites, Jimmy Johns, and having ourselves a little picnic. B was so exicted to be going on a picnic. I had planned on that we could just sit at a picnic table, but of course he wanted to sit in the grass in true picnic style form. Hubby usually always keeps this old blanket in the back of his blazer, so we were able to do this.

The weather was perfect and there was such a good breeze. After eating our sandwich and chips, we laid down on the blanket and relaxed and acted silly for a bit. When we picked up our picnic area, we walked around the park to get a close up look at the fountain. They also have some statues of Black Squirrels, which are popular in Council Bluffs, a play area for kids to get wet, and some silly brick paths that B loved running on like he was a train on a track.

It was such a nice day to chill out like this and we had such a good time doing something so simple. I hope you enjoy your Labor Day as much and get to relax with the ones you love!

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