Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easter tree and the sickest thing EVER

With St. Patrick's Day behind us, it is time to bring out the Spring and Easter decorations. We are all ready for some Springtime around here! I love the decorations I had for our "year round tree" so I decorated it myself tonight instead of letting the kids do it. There also wasn't a lot of little stuff for them to hang either though, like there has been on the previous ones.

Love this little bunny set I picked up from Hobby Lobby. I need a better skirt though. I don't mind this purple satin type material, I just didn't have very much of it. I forgot about looking for one when I was getting the supplies.

B picked out this little Robin's nest at The Olive Branch. He carried it around all day and has been waiting to put it on our tree. It is actually a napkin ring, but I knew it would look perfect on our tree and could stay up all spring on the tree.

The little bunny frame is from my MIL. She went to some cute stores a few weeks back in Fremont, NE. She told me there are several shops there and me and the ladies on my side of the family are heading there this weekend to check them out. I still need to copy some photos small enough to fit in here, but I love the primitive look of them. She did good!

Another sweet sign from MIL.

And a cute Easter egg frame. Perfect addition to the tree

I love the soft glow of the pink lights I am borrowing from my MOPS group Christmas decoration stash.


I pulled out the plastic storage tub from our upstairs hallway closet and I removed the lid. STINK CITY. There were several stuffed bunnies on top and other small figurines etc. to set on shelves. Couldn't figure out why the stuff stunk so bad. B came up to watch me get all of the Easter stuff out and commented, "it's stink up here!". I didn't know if it was from being shut in the rubbermade tub for a year or what. I smelled all of the musical stuffed animal things. They all stunk. Couldn't figure it out. I smelled the bag of plastic window cling on things. Stunk, but didn't really think that was the cause. Again, I just figured it was because I had not been in that storage tub for so long and the stuff was just old.
Old is right.
Guess what I came across as I kept pulling stuff out.
My collection of Easter baskets.
Since I do daycare, I have several plastic cheap-o type baskets that the kids use when we do our egg hung.
Guess what was in the plastic Easter baskets?
Plastic Easter eggs.
Guess what was mixed in with the plastic eggs?
4, count 'em, 4!!! hard boiled-decorated eggs from LAST STINKIN' YEAR!

gross. I know.

You can bet I will be making sure I get them all out this year! Or maybe we just won't color eggs this year and will just use plastic for the rest of my life.

The 4 stinky culprits. The black one did have a shell, but it was cracked. Hubby threw them in the trash and I of course had to dig them out so I could blog about it and the shell had cracked off too bad.

Absolutly disgusting.

Most of the Easter stuff is spending the night outside airing the stink off. I sprayed each item with Febreze and Chlorox spray. I am hoping the stuff can be saved but as of now, I'm thinking I'm gonna have to ditch it. It's nothing to great, it's just that a few of the things are sentimental.


  1. Very cute decorations! Ok, I can't stop laughing about your stinky eggs!

  2. Did your decorations survive last night?? Do they still smell?

  3. OMG, I am SUPER sensitive to smells. I would have just tossed the whole thing in the trash without ever finding the cause. You are my hero for actually finding the stink! WOW, year old eggs. That has to be one of the grossest things I have heard in a while!

  4. That is so grody!! EWWWW!
    But I think those considered a delicacy in some countries.

  5. Ok I'm hooked on your blog for sure. Your egg story....totally sounds like something that could happen here.
    I love your tree too.

    thanks for stoppin' by my blog!!!

  6. That TOTALLY beats our oobleck mold and milk in the car overnight!


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