Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009 Interview

Tonight while B was in the tub I completed a Father's Day survey similar to the one I did for Mother's Day.

What is your dad's name: Matt ****

How old is your dad: 33

I love it when my dad... goes on a fire meeting

My dad likes to... go to a fire meeting

What color is your dad's hair: black

What is your dad's favorite color: red and blue and red

What is your dad's favorite thing to do around the house: watch tv til bed

What does your dad always tell you: to not be in trouble

The best thing your dad does is: he likes to make cookies

I make my dad happy when I...go to school

What is your dad's favorite tv show: news and wrestling

If your dad could go on a trip, where would he go: to work

What is dad's favorite drink: milk

What is dad's favorite thing to eat: salad and soup

What does your dad like to cook: cookies

What time does your dad get up: 12 o'clock

What time does your dad go to bed: 8 o'clock

My dad likes to wear....underware

It makes him happy when.... he makes cookies

My dad likes to relax by... he lays down on the couch (and probably eats cookies apparently!!!)

I love my dad because....because he loves me!

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