Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010

Our New Year's Eve was full of lots of fun this year. We attended a party at the Children's Museum.

I just love the way our shirts turned out for us to wear out! I think they were adorable!

This event was called the "First Night of Play". It was our first year to purchase tickets. When we arrived we were handed tickets for dinner and a gift bag. The line looked a little long so we went ahead and waited for the pizza before the line got any longer. After dinner we hunted down the gift bag station since we had seen several people carrying theirs around and it looked like it was full of fun goodies!

The canvas bag consisted on bubble wrap paper to be used later on for the countdown at 8 PM, party hats, horns, 2010 glasses, bouncy balls, stickers, tattoos, glow sticks, bubbles and some more little stuff. Perfect stuff for a party!

We played around in the different areas of the museum.

While we were playing upstairs in the "Garden of Gizmos" exhibit, we were able to watch the fireworks in downtown Omaha out the windows. It was nice to be able to see them from the cozy inside!

B enjoyed the face painting station and also made a glow bug (you can see it sitting on the table by him)

Our play time went fast and it was time to get our party stuff out because the countdown was about to begin. Everyone stopped playing and starting marking their spot on the floor for their bubble wrap.


Happy New Year!!!

We arrived home about 9 PM and had a babysitter at the house for B to stay with while we attended a grown-up party.
Mom and Dad had lots of fun at their party welcoming in the New Year at 12 again! (Instead of 8 this time!)

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