Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love List

I love Charla's post idea (that she took from a friend of her's) on a Love List. In honor of the last few minutes of Valentine's Day- here is mine!

My boys- the loves of my life..nothing makes me happier!

Our house full of pets

Diet Coke

our close family

being a home owner

blog reading

falling in love

Jimmy John's

traveling to new places

Sex and the City

New York City

sweet memories


Spaghetti Works


my pocket size digital camera

pretty woman


planting flowers

my MOPS group


new furniture

having a dishwasher

the sound of the birds in the morning

making a snowman

my new glasses

Barnes and Noble

the beach

wine by the bottle


snuggling with B



getting the mail

Friday nights

Cuckoo Clocks

our backyard

Blueberry Muffin Cheesecake by Scentsy

our wedding

my college degree

long trips to Target

personalized jewelry (like Lisa Leonard)

my cozy bed

pink- the color and the singer

fresh notebooks

storage tubs

having hope

glue guns

garage sales

white roses

taking classes

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