Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Past

One of our favorite Halloween costumes that B has worn was for his second Halloween when he was Frankenstein. I had ordered this costume from Ebay somewhere and he looked so adorable in it. His face was painted green for Halloween night and we had the grandparents over to our house before he went over for his first Trick or Treat experience. His evening consisted of going to his great-grandparents to T or T there and then off to a local senior living center that hosts an indoor trick or treat for children.

This year B has gone back and forth on what he wants to be. He has talked about a race car driver, ghost, superman, woody... and that is all I can think of right now.

We ended up with a Superman costume for $6 including shipping, so that was a good deal. He wore it to a party last weekend but this week has been telling everyone who asks that he is going to be a ghost. So, we will see I guess! I know I had a white sheet laying around in my craft stuff so if I can find it, he might just end up saying BOO! on Halloween night!

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