Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Crafting

So, um yeah, I realize I have been gone for a while. I had a few close friends and family members ask me about my blog, but really don't think anyone in the blog world has noticed my absence. Since we have moved, I have felt unorganized and not been up with my blogging.

I have lots to catch you up with and hopefully will get back on track! I am participating in a blog carnival trying to win myself a FLIP camera and will need to post each day this week. I hope this kick in the blog pants will get me going again!
Today at Mayhem and Moxie, Kacey shared a super cute costume for her little one that she won't even touch. She encourages us to share what we have made for Halloween.

This is a very simple activity but yesterday we created melt-your-own crayons in pumpkin shapes to go along with some of the pumpkin books we read.

Step 1 peel paper off of crayons.

Step 2 break naked crayons into small pieces

Step 3 put crayon chunks into a clean empty can. Set can in boiling water until all crayon pieces are melted. (The glass jars of water are to help keep the can upright)
Step 4 gently pour the melted wax into candy molds or old muffin tins
Step 5 put molds into freezer until hard
Step 6 turn molds over and crayons should pop out. Notice one of the pumpkins has a smooshed face. Poor little guy.
Step 7 color!
*Be sure to stop by 7 clown circus, Better in Bulk, and Mama's Losin' It for your chance to win. Okay, well don't go visit them actually because I want to win and if you enter then that would lower my chances! Well, go check out their blogs I guess, but don't enter. So there.


  1. I've missed you here in blog land!

    Cute idea!! But I'm not that nice of a mommy. LOL


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