Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last night I finished the book Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. I picked this one up at a garage sale a few weeks ago because I have previously enjoyed another title by this author. It was a cute book about 4 unexpected friends who meet at a pre-natal yoga class. 3 of them are preparing for their arrival of baby #1 and one is mourning the loss of a newborn. The story follows along as their babies and friendships grow. It describes the varying lifestyles of each woman and their home and work lives. One thing I like is that each chapter is narriated by a different woman. I like reading books that are written like this, I think it makes it fun to read. I have also read Good in Bed by the same author. I didn't love this one as much as I did the last one. Next on my list to read is a book I just received from the library. It is a new release and I was on the wait list for it. It is also by Jennifer Weiner titled Certain Girls.

I absolutly love to read. I read during nap time for the kids or before bed mainly. I also enjoy reading on car or airplane trips, and we all know how many of those I take! I can stay up way later than I like for myself reading at night. I feel so attatched to the characters and want to see what they will do or say next or how something will turn out. I do not like starting new books though! It is so boring for me to read the first few chapters as I get to know the characters or plot. I just can't wait until I get "in" to the book. What is off your bookshelf right now?

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  1. Have you read a book called Tales from the Crib


    I laughed so hard!

    While we are on the subject of chick lit, I also liked this one, because it was a whole nother world for me.


    But this is probably my all time favorite



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