Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Progress Update

I'm sure you are all wondering about how I am doing on that to-do list I posted about. Here is a little update:

1. Clean my garage and storage unit out to prepare for a garage sale. Thought about it, talked to hubby about going to storage at his mom's house to work there this Saturday.
2. Get caught up on my digital pictures on my computer. This means I need to order prints and put them in their proper albums. (chronologically, of course!) Looked at the stack of photo albums, haven't done a thing about 'em.
3. Get bank accounts organized. Our small community bank was recently purchased by a big name chain bank, and everything has changed. I need to get my accounts in order and figure out all of their new rules and policies! Had $90 in overdraft charges. Need I say more?
4. Take an absurd ammount of pop cans back in our garage. We need the space and money! Place is closed to the public until later this week, hopefully they will get back on Friday! Whoohoo!
5. Send out thank-you notes from my 30th birthday party. Added a few more to the list of ThankYous that need to be sent out, but haven't gotten to them.

I HAVE been working really hard on getting things planned and done for the upcoming MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) year and our planning retreat next weekend. BUT- I am really going to try to buckle down this weekend! I have just been so busy every night! This week we had nothing on Monday night, a MOPS fundraiser on Tuesday night, a booth at the Farmer's Market tonight on Wednesday, Thursday holds a playdate and a service project, I have 2 cakes ordered for Friday that I have to bake and decorate and then attend a birthday party that evening. BUT I WANT TO GET SOME OF MY OWN PERSONAL WORK DONE SOON! I don't have any pictures for tonight so click on this link for a little laugh! I have to figure out how to put youtube videos on the blog. I"m too tired to do it now!

What are you not doing that is on your to-do list?

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