Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Omaha Zoo

We have one of the best zoo's around in Omaha. The Henry Doorly Zoo is hard to beat. We have such a fun time everytime we go. The best days are the cool and dreary days of spring and fall because you pretty much have the place to yourself- along with the animals of course! The kids get such good opportunities to look at everything without "big people" in their way and we can take our time and look closer at whatever they are interested in that day.

The rainforest had several babies for us to see...

Rope bridge in the rainforest- The monkeys were so loud this morning! They are always hoopin' and hollarin' in the mornings!

Love hippos!

B always use to call the peacocks "hehocks". Now he has adjusted that word to calling them peahocks... well, is is 1/2 way there!

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