Tuesday, March 16, 2010

USA freezer paper shirt

Our daycare had another little boy turn 5 last week. Last year all of the kids got a dvd for their birthday from me. I have always been stressed in previous years trying to find similar price items that the kids would like, so it works better for me to just pick a theme for the year and stick with it.
B really loves his freezer paper shirts I have made him so I thought it was a good idea. You can see some of those here, here, or here.
At the boys' preschool, they have been making maps and learning about the continents and states. I had given this boy several ideas for what he might want for a shirt but the kids were talking and came back to me with a United States shirt.
Sorry this picture is sideways.... I am having computer issues again!!!

So that is what we did! I also did the cake to match with a quick USA on it.

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