Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Party Fun

B attended his second "friend" birthday party this weekend. My little baby is getting so big and is getting his own invitations to birthday parties! There were a handful of little guys in their swim trunks and a big banzi waterslide thing. B is loving the water and I wanted to share these two pics that show how much fun he is having. I thought the little boys running around in their swim trunks were just so adorable. I wondered to one of the other moms how long they could play out there on that slide going up and down over and over again. Of course, B had a break down when it was time to go (it was 2 hours past his nap) and wanted to "borrow" that slide. As we were walking up to the car, he also said he liked going on that "beautiful slide". This was a cowboy/ water fun party. Do you have any memories of a "theme" party that was your favorite?

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