Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Finds at the Garage Sales

Friday is the big day for garage sales. It seems that it used to be Saturdays, but now the earlier the better. I have even seem some sales starting on Thursdays recently. This past Friday, Ashley and her girls spent some time with my son, his friend, and I as we hit the local garage sale circut. Here is what we found. It was a great day for bargains. The pink feathery thing is a dress that I bought for my little babysitting girl to play with. We call it the "Hannah Montana" outfit. It comes with white patent-leather looking boot things you wear on your legs and a matching hat. She loved it. Paid a dollar for it. 8 books for the kids at 25cents to 75cents each. One of them is The Night Before Christmas. I love this book and currently have 2 different versions of it in my Christmas book box. I have always wanted to collect different versions of it, and decided Saturday that I will start that collection now. A roller coster thing my son loves and was 50 cents. Well worth the money on that. It is cute. You turn the crank on the back and it carries a little car around the wheel and then drops it down the track where it returns to the wheel. The saxoflute is the colorful thing with the horn on the end. It has several pieces you can build it in whatever form you want and blow it like a whistle. Very loud, only 50cents and might not have it around very long. It is currently in the outside toybox. We will see how long it makes it here. Wooden Xylophone. Love it. Don't remember the price. Less than a dollar though. Very sturdy and son loves instruments. We are using a wooden spoon to play it with since it didn't come with anything. Two Thomas the Train wooden engines for our track. They were still in the box and $2.50 each. Great deal. One is Duck, one is the Tow Truck. Little Tikes Fire Station with an ambulance and fireman and a bigger (not Little People) fire truck. Both the station and fire truck make noise and light up. Gotta love that. The kids have been loving the Little People stuff lately.
Little Tykes blue boat. Only a dollar. Totally a steal. Son is way too big for it, I got it for the daycare babies to play with but they all have loved it today. Air Hockey table- $3 I think. missing the battery compartment cover, which I didn't see until after we got home, but lots of fun. It works good and hubby and I enjoy playing it with son, as well as the daycare big kids today. Golf clubs- we go through these quickly here. This one seems to be a little sturdier than our previous ones though. It was 75cents. Baby doll stroller. Another great deal, a dollar. We don't have our stroller anymore due to excessive crashing into things and broken wheels from the crashing. The carrier part comes out and they can carry babies around. The stroller changes into a bigger doll stroller instead of an infant carrier too. Little Dr. Seuss book 50cents, this was just the teacher in me reading some cute litte quotes. The little tiny plastic potty was 50 cents and I thought the big kids would think this was funny and could but the barbies or little people on it. That was about it. I have two more things I guess, I will try to get a pic of them up soon because one of them was a total rip off!! More on than another day.
Post a comment and tell me what was the best deal you ever got at a garage sale?

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  1. The best deal I ever got was at YOUR garage sale when I bought Hollie's dinosaur shaped toy chest for about $2 and it holds all of Luke's toy dinosaurs which were very bulky to store.


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