Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gift Cards and Cigarettes

What?!? Does the title of this post make any sense to you? I'm sure not, but I really want to talk about these two things. We attended a wedding shower this weekend of a friend of hubby's and I needed a gift. I vaguely remember seeing that they have gift cards at our local Kwik Shop gas station. (No, Hollie, not the Kwik Trip) I really didn't want to have to make a trip uptown with the price of gas and they were not really registered for much at Target where I usually do my shopping for such things. I headed off to the gas station, and lo and behold- they do have gift cards! Now this is CONVIENCE! They have cards for almost every store you would need. You can do all of your Christmas shopping at the local gas station, fill up with gas, get a pop, and pick up the newspaper. All in one trip. They have such stores as Linen's and Things, Build a Bear, Bass Pro Shop, Lowes, JCPenney, Timberland, Borders and more. They also have a ton of cards to resturaunts such as Chilis, Applebees, Outback, and Visa or Mastercard gift cards. So next time you are in need of a quick gift, remember that you can stop at your local Kwik Shop! It was easy as pie. In case you are wondering, I went with the gift card to Lowes.

Now, what does cigarettes have to do with all of this? As I was waiting in line to pay for my gift card and have it activated, I happened to look at the cigarettes behind the counter. HOLY COW! Do you know how much a pack of cigarettes cost these days? They were over $5! I saw many different kinds for $5.35 and $5.45. Who can afford that? As bad as smoking is for you, can you believe that there are still people who pay that kind of money for one pack?!?

The question I will leave you with now is, where would you most like a $500 gift card from? I would have to say my choice is Target. So many cute things there.

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  1. If I had $500, I'd get one to either REI or Costco. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I write about gift card issues on Gift cards are amazing gifts, but there are several things to be careful of. Consider this: Last year $100B was spent in gift cards and around $8B was lost/unclaimed. Also, beware of retailers filing for bankruptcies. They don't have to honor them when they go under!


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