Monday, June 16, 2008

But I don't know how to work a grill!

Welcome to the first entry of my new blog. You might be wondering why or what the title, "Everything except the grill" means. It is pretty simple. I have a lot of opinions and think I know how to do a lot of stuff, but working a grill is not one of them. I have wanted a blog where I can share what I think about books, favorite toys, things I like and don't like, and other general information in general and this weekend an experience with the grill gave me the idea for this blog title. Here is the story....
My husband and I were getting ready for dinner. We had planned to have corn-on-the-cob and hamburgers on the grill. We started the corn on the stove and he started the grill. I got the hamburger ready and made the patties. The cheese and buns were unwrapped and ready on a plate. Then he got a fire call. It was only to assist the rescue squad, so I didn't figure he would be gone long. Here is where the real story starts. Well the grill was warming up on high and I didn't think I should just let it run. I thought to myself that I could probably cook them myself so I went out and opened the grill. Hot! That is really hot standing in front of it! The flames were on high so I looked at the dials and turned it down to low. They were still shooting up over the grates. I didn't know if I should put the hamburger patties on the top or bottom grate where they would be touching the flames. At this point, I thought I could just shut it off and hubby could start it again when he gets home. I called my friend Ashley, who happens to be a good cook, and asked her. I told her I have never grilled anything and that there was no off button to shut it off. She said grills don't have off buttons, you just have to be smarter than the grill! What kind of equiptment dealing with fire and propane doesn't have an OFF button?!?! How safe is that? When I told her about the flames being still a little high, she didn't think they should still be touching the grates if I had it on low. She had the good idea of taking a picture of it on my cell phone and emailing it to her. (giggle, giggle, we didnt' actually do that though) Her and her husband suggested that I try to turn it past low to get it to shut off. It wouldn't go past low, and I even tried pushing it in and turning it. Next, they suggested I turn it past high to shut it off. I was a little leary about doing this because this means that I would have to turn it to/past the start button. I was thinking to myself, "what if this causes a big explosion?" At arm's length away, I reached and tried that. It worked. The grill was now off. (Not the propane, just the grill part) There a felt better. Our 3 year old son and I sat down to eat our corn and wait for daddy to get home for our hamburgers. One of the funnier parts was when he asked me, "is this what we're having for dinner is one corn?". Oh the wisdom of a 3 year old.
Hubby returns. Not happy with me. Can not believe that I didn't grill them myself. Reminds me that I graduated from college with HONORS and that I can't even figure out how to run a grill. EXCUSE ME!!!!! They don't teach grilling in elementary education classes where I went to college!!!! I have never in my life grilled anything (unless you count my counter top George Forman Grill) and don't have any plans on doing it soon- it was hot standing there!

So, I would like to invite you to post a comment and let me know if your grill has an off button! I checked on my grandpa's grill this weekend, and his did. At least I would know how to turn his off then without fear of burning my eyebrows off!


  1. Our grill is charcoal because I can't get Pat to switch to gas. So, I guess our "off" button is a bucket of water! AND I know nothing about grilling and have no desire to learn.

  2. Our grill has the dial marked with OFF, start, low, md and high. So many choices!!! It also has the little burner on the side so you could cook your corn on the grill too!


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