Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter hat, card, and cakes

The egg hunt we go to has a Easter hat contest, so we decorated this simple paper plate hat. Instructions can be found here.
While making the hat we also made a few quick cards for our grandmas and some friends. They had a sponge painted bunny and dot marker grass on the outside. Inside it said "Some Bunny Loves You!" and B wrote his name in them.

Would you like a piece of carrot cake after dinner?
White cake cupcakes for the kiddos. These were made really fast and I didn't put any base frosting on them.


  1. the cupcakes are really cute you don;t need any other frosting on them they look yummy. Love the hat and the cards, everyone looks happy and ready for Easter.

    Have a wondreful day with your family:-)

  2. All of your pictures are adorable! Well... except for the snakes... GROSS! :-p


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