Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Life. In Pictures.-- Day 4

I am having so much fun with this week's photo challenge. It really is so exciting to see each one of your blogs every day and see what you selected for your post. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Wednesday's SHOT OF THE DAY...goes to Just Playing Pretend. She has a beautiful snowy shot of the view from her front door and I just love it. Like her, I am so sick of the snow but this picture was great. I love the buildings and street too. Now the shot she posted from the view in the back...wowza! Stinkin' beautiful!

Today's challenge is to show something you do every day. I was struggling to find an idea for what I wanted to do. I shower, I brush my teeth, but what else do I do EVERY day? I usually read my book in bed, but I usually take a few days off between books. I don't clean every day (I should), I don't exercise every day (I should), I don't drive to the same place every day either.

The idea came to me that I (my husband and I both) read to our son each night. This is a ritual we have done for such a long time. We all get into his bed and read a few books that he selects and then finsih with a children's Bible story (we are on our fourth Bible for little ones... any recommendations on others?) and his prayers.

Tomorrow is our final day of this challenge. The subject is: Something old.

Everyone has done so well, maybe we should do this again sometime!


  1. WHere's Mr. Linky? Ok, well...I'd love to invite everyone over to The IE Mommy to view my day 4 challenge picture. Here's the link to get to it:

    See you there,
    The IE Mommy

  2. I couldn't find Mr. Linky either :( I saw this challenge at IE Mommy & thought I'd join in! Thanks!

  3. No mr. Linky! Here is my Photochallenge Link-

    Books and the love of reading are the best gifts for children!!!

  4. great challenge for hte day, your right, exercise and clenaing don;t always happen though they should,lol:-) Now what do we do:-)

  5. Our children have a Bible story every night as well...I'll have to come back later with the name of the one we're using. It's our 2nd one.

    Reading is's awesome to see kids grow up loving books!!

    I've posted my Day 4 shot!! :)

    Come see! :)

  6. Such a very important daily ritual, not only for your son but for you two as well!

    I posted! Here's the link:

  7. Time for Bed is one of my all time favorites... I always have my kids kiss the sweet sleeping child on the last page. :) Great photo of a great past-time!

  8. Sorry for the problem with Mr. Linky this morning! Can I ever get everything right all at once?!?

  9. We read to the kiddos each night too! I had started reading the Children's Bible (same one as you have pictured) to the kids as well, but I keep forgetting to grab it along with the 3 books the kids pick out.

  10. I can't "play today" but have loved looking at everyone else's photos!! Great idea on the books!

  11. Yeah! Mr. Linky is up! Thanks for letting me know...if you haven't come by the IE Mommy, please do and you'll see what I do all day, lol

  12. I almost wrote about reading to my kids :) And I too am looking for another child's bible...something more kid friendly and not too cartoony....

    The one I have we got as a gift.

    I will need to find another one for my babies too...flavor doesn't hurt right.

    Thanks for inviting me to take part in this fun challenge.

  13. I love the Little Red Hen story-kinda my story of my life...
    Thanks again for doing this!

  14. I obsessively love books! Mostly childrens books win but any book is great! That picture made my heart happy!
    Thanks for shout out on my picture yesterday! You're just too kind! I sure have loved participating in this picture snazarama so thanks for taking the time to make it happen!

  15. Who is the author of that childrens Bible??? We've been looking for a Bible story book to read each night. We do the book thing, but its usually a story (princess and fairy are the current themes). I would love some recommendations for Bible story books! :O)

  16. Love this picture and the stack in it! This is definitely a daily routine in our home as well!


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