Friday, April 3, 2009

My Life. In Pictures.-- Day 5

Day 4 was another great day of photos for us to look at. Once again I had a difficult time selecting the Shot of the Day.

Some made me laugh, some were cute, some beautiful, some made me thirsty, and one brought me to tears. But, Sally at My Three Sons gets the honor of the Shot of the Day. I love the action shot of the coffee pouring into the mug.

Day 5. Our final day. Sniff, sniff... excuse me while I grab a tissue. I didn't think I would get all sentimental here, but I am out of my Lexapro. I had a great time with all of you. Each one of you had great pictures and I am so happy to have had the chance to get a glimpse of Your Life. In Pictures.

My photo choice for "something old" is a picture we have downstairs. The photo on the right is "old". It is my father-in-law holding my husband when he was a baby. I love this photo because my husband got his own photo in hospital scrubs with our little boy. We keep them side by side and I can't wait to give them both to our son when he gets older.
Now, since this is our last day for the My Life. In Pictures. Photo Challenge, I hope I can get everything right on one post.

I need to:
* post it at the right time and day
*have a Mr. Linky that works
*remember to post Mr. Linky on the post this it? Geeze, why did I have so many problems each day?

I would like to do this again sometime. I am thinking June? Give us a few months off and then we can meet up again to see some more great photos and hear some good stories. In the meantime, I wish you all well and look forward to getting to know you better.

If you have any suggestions for future days of My Life. In Pictures. - email them to me at Amberloo22 @ aol . com

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  1. This was fun. Count me for the next go around. Meanwhile, swing by my site and see my last picture.

  2. This was loads of fun! Thank you for inviting me to participate. I'll be looking forward to doing it again in a couple months.

  3. I love that you keep them side-by-side. I think it's neat that both pictures are so similar even though they were taken a generation apart.

  4. Oh amazing photos, Amber!! LOVE this one!

    I think June would be a great month to re-do the Life in Pictures challenge!

  5. Ahh, those are great pics - what a wonderful legacy for your son!

    This photo challenge was lots of fun - I'll look forward to checking out the next one in June.

  6. I totally agree that Sally rocked that last one. And I'm very sorry for making you cry -- I had to sniffle looking at your picture today. It's amazing isn't it no matter how many years pass the basics are the same, the pure love when holding a child.

  7. Awww... what an incredibly sweet pair of photos! I love it when we can use our current photos to reflect on the past.

    Thanks Jenn :)

    Thank you Amber for the honor today! I had a ton of fun pouring coffee to get all the right things in focus. :)

  8. I've really enjoyed this challenge!! I am thinking about doing one myself. It's fun to learn about others too!

    I love that you put the pictures together on your table. It makes it that much more special! :)

  9. I LOVE that you have the pictures together. Pictures are such a wonderful treasure, aren't they? Beautiful set.

  10. How precious is that picture grouping?! What a thoughtful idea.

    Thanks again for hosting this challenge! I've really had a lot of fun, met some new people, and can't wait for the next round!

  11. Thank you for hosting this. It was so fun to see everyone's posts.

    Love the dads photos. So very special!

  12. Love. Love. Love this picture, Amber. How wonderful for your husband and son to have this! Thanks again for hosting this... It was fun! Blessings!

  13. Great photo week! Wish I could have joined in...hopefully next time!

  14. Love the picture! Love the blog! Love you! Thanks!

  15. I also love that they are side by side.. that's such a sweet picture.

  16. Just found your blog. AWESOME idea! I will have to start playing along and also browse around and find out more about you. :)

  17. Visiting from SITS. Love the hospital scrubs photos! What a treasure.

  18. I sooo want to do this in June! It looked like a lot of fun and I loved seeing everybody's pics! Great idea!


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