Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day Treats

Some of my favorite treats for the 4th of July are Sparklers and Graham Crackers w/ frosting & Sprinkles. I have made these for a few years for our festivities.
I got the idea for the Sparklers from my good friend Hollie. I have made them for several different occasions, but making them for the 4th of July is my favorite.

A childhood favorite is graham crackers with frosting. It is fun to "jazz them up" with some sprinkles for a tasty snack while enjoying the day celebrating the USA.


  1. My kids LOVE the sparklers. We will have some on the 4th as well. Enjoy your 4th festivities with your family. Miss ya.

  2. What fun ideas. I always love chocolate covered pretzels. So easy to spruce it all up with sprinkles (anything in red white and blue looks amazing, doesn't it!?).



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