Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little something...

Something I want:

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.
She is one of my favorite authors. I always enjoy reading her novels.

Something I need:

New glasses.
I really need to get my appointment made and get in there! I keep putting it off.

Something I'm looking forward to:

Family trip to Adventureland.

This will be B's first trip to an adventure theme park. He is so excited to ride the rides. One of my favorites growing up was the Raging River.

Something I am going to do tomorrow:

Go to book club.

This time we read The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. Loved it!

Something I am going to do next week:

Our church does a great job putting this on for kids in the community. It is open to all kids from PK- 6th grade. I was so impressed at what a great job the leaders did last year!

Something I am going to do next month:

Welcome my friends back into my home. Oh Yeah, baby. Project Runway is BACK.

Whoot! Whoot! Aug 20th people. Lifetime not Bravo. LA not NYC. Change I can handle, I just want my show back! I don't watch much tv at all but this is one show that my hubby and I both like to get all comfy in bed and pick our favorites, who will be in, and who ... will... be .... out. So excited to see Heidi, Nina, Tim, and Michael. Love 'em!

Something I wish I could do:

Skills. I wish I had some mad sewing skills. There are so many cute things out there I wish I could make. I wish I had the talent to just sit down and make a gazillion cutie crafty things. I got a sewing maching a few years ago and don't know how to work it!

Okay, your turn! Leave a comment if you are going to play along too!


  1. When are you going to Adventureland??
    I also am looking forward to Project Runway.

  2. Love this! I'm going to play :) I love Jennifer Weiner, too!


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