Thursday, July 23, 2009

A whole lot of stealin' goin' on

Enjoy this video that I stole off of Ashley's blog who stole it off of Tracey's blog. It was from the Belgium Central Train Station. Unaware passengers were in for quite the show when Julie Andrew's "Do Re Me" started playing at 8am. That's when the fun began- 200 dancers started pouring in to put on a show!

I showed it to my hubby and he even thought it was funny. He loves it when I make him watch or read things from the blogs I read- wink wink.


  1. That was awesome. It's amazing what is out there in the world and you wouldn't know about if it weren't for blogs and You Tube! :-)

  2. And the theft continues cause I am so snagging this to share on my blog too!


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