Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If only I was named David and drove a Camaro

Famous Dave's is offering free entrees for anyone named Dave, David, or Davy in honor of Famous Dave's 15th Birthday celebration!

Now calling all Dave’s! On Sunday, August 30, 2009, anyone with the first name of Dave, David or Davy can receive a free entrée (maximum value of $15). In addition, anyone with the middle name of Dave, David or Davy can receive a half price entrée (maximum value of $7.50). Dave’s,
David’s and Davy’s can enjoy this offer whether dining in or ordering barbeque TO GO.

And if I only had a Camaro, I could get free pizza at Papa John's. Read the story about how Papa John lost and found his Camaro here. In honor of "Papa John's" reunion with the Camaro he sold to keep his pizza business running he is giving a FREE one topping pizza to all camaro owners tomorrow, Wednesday August 26. You must drive there in your Camaro to pick up you carry out order.

Both of these deals came from the all too awesome Chicks Dig Deals Blog.

Now, Darn IT! My name is only Amber and I drive a mini-van. oh, poop.


  1. Bummer! LOVE Famous Daves....But no Dave's here!

  2. We totally forgot about it -- both BigD and ChickenFried could have eaten for free.


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