Monday, August 3, 2009

My Life. In Pictures- Session 2/ Day 2

Yesterday the challenge was to show us something representing Summer Fun. Lots of great pictures came in for that! I was a little jealous at all of the beach pictures I must say. I love the beach and haven't been in several years. I can't wait for the chance to take B to visit one and for him to play in the water and with the sand.

The shot of the day for Challenge #1 goes to.....Jenny at Through Jenny's Lens. Her sweet, sweet little ones are showing the perfect picture of lazy days of summer. They just look like the best of friends. Great job and thanks for sharing them with us!

Today the assignment is to show us something in your life that is a favorite. One of my favorite places to go when I get a night out is Celler 19. I luva luva me some Blueberry Muffin Martinis from the Celler. Yum, Yum my favorite! I was able to go on Friday night with my hubby to meet up with one of my very most favorite friends, Kim, who lives in Colorado. It was so fun to be able to hang out with her for a while. I miss her so much and wish she was closer so we could have our kids play together!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for choosing my summer fun pictures!

    It looks like you and Kim are having so much fun! I've never been to Cellar19, but it will have to go on our 'to visit' list after a recommendation like that! And blueberry muffin martinis? Forget about it...Yum!

  2. I forgot to link earlier.. DUH! I like your picture!

  3. Great photo! Blueberry muffin martinis, I will have to try sometime, they sound delicious!


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