Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Life. In Pictures- Session 2/ Day 1

Welcome to the My Life. In Pictures. Session 2! I'm so glad to have you back! We had a great time with session one and it was fun to get to know one another from the pictures you posted in the challenge.

I hope you enjoy this week and get the opportunity to pick up your camera and get some pictures to share that show us a bit of Your Life In Pictures.

The purpose of this photo challenge project is to encourage you to pick up your camera and start capturing details of your life. This project should also serve as a way to look at what others are finding to shoot and will hopefully keep you inspired to look for more moments in your life you wouldn't always think to capture with your camera. You are welcome to just post a picture or tell us a story to go along with it.

If you are just joining us... you can click here to get more details on how this works.

If you are playing along, be sure to post the URL to your post (not your blog URL) below with Mr. Linky. I can't wait to see what everyone has found to show us! Be sure to visit the others who are participating and see what they have posted to share with us.

Thanks for playing and see you all on Tuesday for "a favorite".

My Life. In Pictures. Day 1--
B enjoyed a few days at some of the local pools this summer. Our town does not have a pool anymore so we have to travel to some surrounding communities to swim. We only had one day where it was over 90 so we didn't get as much pool time as usual for the hot & humid midwest summers.


  1. Cute! Check out mine at The IE Mommy. Here is the link:

  2. Very cute!

    Yes, hasn't this weather been crazy? It sounds like we'll get more sprinkler/pool time this week...but there certainly hasn't been much time for it so far this summer.

  3. Yea! Can I just tell you that the Mr. Linky help desk rocks! I just love great customer service!

  4. It's been very hot and humid here lately! A pool is the best way to spend the day!

  5. This week is off to a fun start! I'm looking forward to each day with the pictures.

  6. This was fun, I found a battery powered barbie 4 wheeler for her at a yard sale but she doesn't have insurance and kept running into vehichles so her brother had to drive. I thought this was a cute pic. Soon they won't be able to go out and ride so we are enjoying everyday.
    Looking forward to joining more challenges.


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