Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Life. In Pictures- Session 2*

Okay ya'll... I'm back from our little va-ca and just worn out! I had planned to go through the photos from day 4 of My Life. In Pictures. and choose our Shot of the Day on Friday and then do the same for day 5 on Saturday.

Little problem. Downtown Marriott in Des Moines did not have wireless in the rooms. (um, well they did, but it was $12 a day and I was to cheap to pay that)

So, here I am with the much anticipated (okay, maybe that is an over statement!) SHOTS OF THE DAY.....

Day 4- Something you are proud of- okay, honestly this was hard to pick because people posted great accomplishments such as learning to cook, a great climbing adventure, a husband/ father in the service, kids, kids, and more kids, and a great variety of other things.... how could I choose between all of these? They were all great things to be proud of!

So, I wasn't going to pick one. But then I thought, hey you know what.... just pick one. So I did. I am awarding the Shot of the Day to: JoeyBelle at Brilliant Brunette. She spoke at a Girls Camp Out and I am just drawn to this. I can't wait to hear more about this which she is later going to post about. I think that mentoring young girls and being a good leader for them can be so important.

The Shot of the Day for Day 5- Black and White goes to Sandy at the Adams Family! Love this shot!

Thanks again for everyone who jumped in and played, for a day or all week! It is always fun to get a peek into each other's lives!

I hope that you will join us in October!

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  1. Thank you Amber! I can't wait to do it again in October!


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