Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown to Christmas and birthday

Today we made a Christmas Countdown using the idea I found on the First-School Preschool Activities site. I printed off the template and we began to cut, color, and glue. I traced the nose, mouth, and hat on red construction paper and we also glued a cotton ball onto the tip of the hat. We added a little cotton for the fur on the brim of the hat also. Each day, we will place a cotton ball on the numbered circles until Christmas. When Santa's beard is filled up, it will be Christmas Day!

This glue is still wet on this picture so it looks kind of yucky!

We also made a simple paper chain to count down the days until B is 4. I thought this would be a good visual way for him to see how close his birthday is. We have 15 days to go. He wants to have a superman theme party, so we used red, yellow, and blue for the chain colors. Every morning he will get to take a link off to see how many days left until his birthday.

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