Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa Baby

On the 20th we had a pot luck at my house for the day care families. As we had all started to eat, some of the kids sitting by the window looked outside and saw Santa walking up the street. He came right into our downstairs and had a gift for all of the kiddos. Funny, he came last year too- he must know what night we party on!

Last year we just had cookies and Santa but one of the moms had the idea of the potluck. It was lots of fun and our food was yummy. All of our regular families came minus one of the dads and we invited 2 of the drop in families to join us.

When the kids arrived, I had a Christmas Tree Ornament craft for them to do that was similar to the bead ornaments we made earlier in the month. I got the idea from the Make and Takes blog. Next we started in on all of the yummy food and had a short interuption for Santa and opening the gifts. As everyone finished their dinner, the kids ran around and played while the grown ups got to have some time to chat.

Having Santa come to our house means so much to me. As I was growing up we had the BEST Santa ever come to our house each year. We always had so much fun playing with him. He would actually stay and play, not have to hurry off. He was great. Such a memory! That is why I love having one who comes to our house for B. I hope he enjoys it as much as I did. I just think there is something magical about Santa coming to your house.

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