Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung...

... on the stairs with care. My little blogger friend Nikki at WhiMSy Love is hosting a little get together to share photos of our stockings! Visit her blog and check out her crafty goodness. I really like her snowman one and her vintage looking one. How cute.

We don't have a chimney, so ours have gone on the stairway for the past few years. B has been enjoying going up and putting little toys or stuffed animals in them this year.

Like Nikki, I also have a stocking that was full of memories from when I was growing up. It was crocheted and white, green, and red. It was not very big, compared to the other stockings in my family. But I loved it and now it is gone. Boo Hoo.
I use the top snowman one with the red scarf and hubby uses the one with the blue scarf and little bird on it. I actually like that one better, but when we got them I asked him which one he wanted and he picked the bird one. (why did I ask?!?!) They both have a satin lining.

B has a navy blue felt one with his named spelled on the top. It also has a jingle bell on the toe. I really like jingle bells at Christmas, especially on stockings. This one was made for him by my sister for his first Christmas and we have used it ever since. Yes, it hangs backwards, but she didn't realize it until after it was done. We still love it though!

This year for his birthday, B got a new stocking with a train on it. Since we love the one his Aunt made for him and I like to keep traditions, we are just using this one for a decoration on our door.

I also have stockings for our 2 doggies, but did not put them up this year. I believe in equal opportunities, and since I didn't have one for the 2 fish and 2 bird, I left them all out.

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  1. Thanks for playin' along! Love the snowman with the birdie! So cute!
    Merry Christmas!


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