Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shape Its Winner

In November I was lucky enough to be the winner of a Shape Its Holiday Kit from one of my favorite blogs, We Are THAT Family. We just recently had the chance to put our kit to the test! First of all, I was really psyched that I won. I am such a competitive girl, I always like to win! Winning something I could do with the kids made it even cooler.

The holiday kit I won had 3 shapes: star, angel, and tree. We have pancakes about once a week so we pulled everything out, read over the directions and got busy. You are to spray your Shape It with spray every 3 time or so, but I needed to spray almost every time. I also didn't follow the directions with the first one we made (the tree) and filled it a little too full. They only suggest that you fill it no more than 1/3 full. As you can tell in the pictures, we added food coloring to our batter for the tree and star. I did not use any of the fancy gels, sprinkles, or markers that came in the kit this time. I am saving them for an "extra" special occasion. The two folding handles on each shape it worked great. They stayed cool while they sat in the pan and their chunky design would be easy for littler ones to use for things like cutting dough etc. The recipes that came with the kit include things like cookies, pizza, cakes, and even meatloaf. Don't think that last one will be happening in our house. Hubby has a real prejudice against meatloaf.

There are several kits and single shapes to order from, of course we are now wanting to get the train! Would I recommend these? For sure! They would make a great gift for yourself or to give! Lots of fun!

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  1. Oops, let me try that again!

    Great job! I love it. I'm going to try food coloring next time!


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