Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Christmas Family Fun

On Friday we had the opportunity to attend "Frosty the Snowman" at the Rose Theater in downtown Omaha. The seats were all general admission so we were able to sit in the front row on the side. The Rose is such a beautiful place and I was excited to see how B would do at his first play. In the lobby they were selling treat bags for $3 that included a kalidescope, colors, magnet, treat, and a juice.

The weather had been perfect, hard to believe for the days after Christmas.

After the play we stopped for some Italian Nachos at Old Chicago in the Old Market. Next we took at carriage ride around the Gene Lehey Mall to see all of the lights. This was our first carriage ride and B was so excited to ride after he had seen the horses on Thanksgiving Night when we came to the Holiday Lights lighting ceremony. With the great weather we had that night, it was perfect for a ride.

This picture is funny because B was throwing a FIT and didn't want to stand there because he said there was poop on the ground. Hubby just happened to catch him between screams or something after I lifted him up because he definately did not look like this!

To end the night as we were walking back to our car we stopped in at the Thomas D. Mangelsen gallery where they have the most awesome nature photography.

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