Friday, February 13, 2009

Train Show

We attended the model train show for the 3rd year in a row a couple of weeks ago. B is still SO into the trains and he just loves watching them go around, and around, and around. He could stand there and watch them for hours I think.

They have a layout of the blue plastic Thomas trains that the kids can get down and fight over, I mean play with. Even though we have some of these at home, he likes to spend time with these.

They have tiny model trains and up to bigger ones that go on the floor. He likes to listen to the horns and whistles and some of them have steam coming out!

This table with the Thomas the Train is always a favorite. We spend most of our time watching this one go around the track.

He gets very excited to ride the train around the track each time too. Of course, he picked the blue car, just like Thomas!

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