Sunday, February 15, 2009


Last Friday we had some great weather with temps in the 60's. I took that opportunity to get my daycare kiddos and B out for some fresh air. We hadn't been to the Henry Doorly Zoo for a while, so a trip was just what we needed.
We started at the Desert Dome. This is where B has wanted to start the past few times. I think it is because it is so ig and visible from the parking lot and he is always so excited to get there.

After the Desert, we went through the gorillas and orangatangs but I really don't like to put pics of kids on here who are not mine. So you get some cool animal photos instead. The aquarium was next up and we had just been learning about penguins so it was fun to see them again. They are always fun to watch as they dive and swim.

One of my new favorites is the Butterfly Pavilion. It is the newest addition to our great zoo. This time however, there were not as many as there has been the last few times.

The great thing about our zoo pass is that we can stop in for a few hours and get home before the kids get cranky and tired. We don't have to feel like we have to do the whole zoo in one day.

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  1. We were there the same day! It was beautiful outside. We hit the aquarium, butterfly pavilion (where were the big blue butterflies this time?!), gorillas and bears. We were bummed that the carousel was closed that day, it was so nice out!


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