Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Party

We had our Valentine's Party on Monday ( a little late I know, but we needed to wait for a day with all our kids at daycare)
Silly Valentine Guys
The kids decorated their own bags to hold their Valentines in. We used stickers, foam stickers, markers, and stamps to make them pretty
I had seen so many cute mailboxes from the dollar bin at Target on different blogs that were decorated, but I ended up just putting some glitter initial stickers on the front and a few foam hearts on the sides. They had some Valentine surprises from me inside for their treats.
The bags behind the mailboxes were from one of the moms for the kids that she made. She always has some crafty bags for holidays for the kids.

B decorated our cake the night before. The balloons are left over from the party at preschool that one of the party planners gave me to use for our party.
Instead of candy I made brownies and cut them out with my heart cookie cutter. I frosted them with pink frosting and sprinkled them before I wrapped them in plastic for them to take home.
B ended up getting sick during the party so he was either laying in my bed or on the couch during party time.

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