Sunday, February 1, 2009

Updating my google reader

Tonight I went on a rant with my google reader. I love my google reader and think it is the best (thanks Laura for introducing me to Mr. Reader)

I had 101 subscriptions and that was just a few too many for me. I went through each one and unsubscribed to 37 of them that I don't enjoy as much anymore. I have several favorite blogs, but there were just quite a few that really don't fit my needs as far as my blog-reading-addiction goes. If anyone knows of a 12 step program for this problem BTW, let me know, I might be interested.

I updated my blog roll on the side there.... and have just a few that I am not including on that list. So, if you have some free time... check them out and look to see if you find any cool blogs that might interest you that you have not stumbled upon yet.


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  1. I have some cleaning up to do in my Google reader too! I just can't keep up!


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