Saturday, January 31, 2009

Through My Lens Photo Project DAY # 6

Today is the final day for the photo project that Jenny brought us. I had first heard about this project on Chicka Schmica. I have enjoyed going on photo challenges each day.

The last picture we needed to post was "our favorite time of day". This was the easiest of all the challenges for me. I knew right away what was my favorite.

I love bedtime. The actual putting B to bed process. Hubby and I both put B to bed together (unless one of us is gone that evening obviously). B is in the middle and Hubby and I are on each side of him snuggled up in his bed. We read books, sing songs, and say our prayers. There is usually a bit of talking, laughing, and being silly involved as well. I have many memories of him reading the books for us that we have read to him over and over a million times and the songs that he requests we sing or that he sings to us. He also likes to do family kisses, where one person is the middle and the other two kiss their cheek and make a big smoochy sound. We always have to give every one a turn when we do these.

After we are done with this part of our "ritual", B picks one of us who he wants to lay with for a few minutes. We turn off the lights and this is the quiet time part where we get an extra few minutes of snuggling.

I know someday all too soon, he will be too big for us to all lay in his bed and he will start going to sleep on his own. But for now, I love this time of day!

Thanks for the fun Jenny!


  1. That's a great picture! I love that time of day too! It's a much slower pace and I get lots of cuddles from the girls at bedtime. Throughout the day they are just to busy for silly things like that;0)

  2. What a sweet way to end the day! We have a similar schedule and that family time is just priceless!

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos this week!

  3. What a sweet photo!! love it :-)

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