Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Shot of the Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in the My Life. In Pictures. challenge this week. I always enjoy looking at what everyone shares.

The winner of the Friday Shot of the Day is ..... Kristie at Kristie's Notes. Her husband gave her some beautiful roses that used to show us the sense of "smell". Great job, Kristie and Happy Anniversary!

I will tally up all of the entries and announce our winner tomorrow! I have to work up the nerve to use my new Flip camera to post the winner with a video for ya'll!

Two side notes.... Curly Muse commented yesterday that all of our winners were pictures of/ with children- I had not noticed that- how interesting!

And ...this week Dorinda showed us her beautiful yellow frilled canary and I commented about our bird.... and our poor Henry bird died this afternoon. So sad... we had had him for over 2 years. boohoo.


  1. Its not midnight yet here and I did not get to put my post!!!

  2. Thank you for honoring me with the shot of the day and for the anniversary wishes! :-)

    I'm so sorry about your bird, Henry. :-(

  3. My best photos are those I take of people, especially my children. The other photos I took were definitely not as good. It's hard to try and breathe life into an inanimate object when you photograph it, it can be done, but the life is so vibrant in children you can't miss it when you snap a shot.

  4. I just saw that you left a comment on my soon as i resolve my blog issues.. I would be happy to join! :)


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