Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rainbow cake day

A while back I fell in love with this cake that MckMama posted about. I had the perfect reason to try the recipe out today when we celebrate two of the daycare kids 3rd birthday. Since they are a girl and a boy, I needed something easy to decorate that worked for both. We chose an ABC theme since we are always working on our letters.

MckMama's friend Amanda is the wonderful creator of this recipe. She also told her friends the day she brought it to their gathering that she was bringing "a little something" and that it was "really easy to make."

Well... easy, yes.
Time consuming, yes.
Well worth it, YES!
I loved the results and we had so many leftovers (daycare is just 5 little mouths and myself after all!) that I had to take a plate of this beautiful cake to several friends so their children could enjoy it! (Okay, just thought I maybe shouldn't post this part because what if someone reads this who I didn't take some too?? Sorry!)

I was so happy and excited about how this cake turned out! It tasted absolutly delicious but even more was SO super cool looking!


  1. WOW!! I LOVE IT!!!! That is GORGEOUS!!! Really... you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!! LOVE the design and the letters and the colors... your cake is just perfect!!!


    You have GOT to upload a picture to my flickr group... they will LOVE it!!!

    (I am really so impressed!)

    Great job!

  2. You are the Cake Queen!! I wish I had a cake like that when I was little. I LOVED rainbows and still do. What a great day care provider you are to do this for your little 'tots'.

  3. You are so brave. That thing scared the crap out of me when I saw it .... I was like, there is no way I am ever going to make that many layers to a cake!!!


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