Friday, November 20, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Session 3/ Day 5

Our Shot of the Day winner from "taste" on Thursday is Krystal. She showed us a beautiful picture (even though her hubby took it) of her and the boys enjoying a snack after a hike.

Our final day of the My Life. In Pictures. Session 3 challenge is focusing on the sense of smell.

A few months ago I signed up with a company called Scentsy. Scentsy offers safe, clean, wickless candles, room sprays, travel tins, and car candles. I can do home parties in open house or presentation style, basket parties, or fairs and events.

I really have been enjoying my new little "job" because it gives me something to look forward to doing on my own with "grown-ups" in the evenings or weekends. I can set whatever schedule I want so I only have to do as much or as little as I would like as well. I enjoy putting on nice clothes, make up, and doing my hair when I have a party to go to. It's quite different from the day to day daycare routine!

Every few days I receive a shipment of boxes that customers have ordered. The first thing I do is take everything out and label it with my name and contact info on stickers. My husband and son have been helping me with getting the stickers put on each item.

As soon as we open one of the boxes, the smell fills the room from all of the Scentsy bars in the box. When we were working on this latest shipment, I thought that this would be a great picture for the sense of smell day!

If you haven't heard of Scentsy products, be sure to check out my website and take a look around!

I am also going to include a free car candle with the winner of our $10 gift card!


  1. I can only imagine the wonderful smells you must have in your house all the time doing that job! How fun! :-)

  2. Yay! Hopefully my budget will allow me to order some soon!

  3. Thanks Amber for choosing my (Justin's) picture for Day 4!

  4. Oh, my gosh! What a wonderful business, and soooooo satisfying I bet! Mmmmmmmm, I can just smell it right now.

  5. I think I see a theme in the winners. They all involve pictures of children, it is a favorite subject of many!!!

  6. Don't know why my post didn't link on Friday ('cause I did it at the same time as my comment), but I'm adding it today anyway, just for the fun of it. Thanks for hosting; I love this every time you do it!


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