Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Life In Pictures- Session 3/ Day 2

Our SHOT OF THE DAY....goes to....Annie! I love the detail of the photo of her son watching the rocket lift off... how many of you noticed the reflection in his eye when you first looked at the photo?

Congrats Annie- you earned an extra entry for our drawing on Friday!!! Everyone who enters gets one entry per day that they enter and our SOTD winner will get an extra entry for a chance to win a $10 gift card to Target. (whoa, hold back the excitement...a big 10 bucks, but hey, it's all I got!)

Today we are looking at pictures from our life that show us the sense of "hearing". As I am putting this post together for Tuesday (Monday night) I was sitting in the kitchen listening to the sounds I heard around me. I decided to go with the sound I hear from B's room as he is trying to go to sleep. He is listening to the cd from bible school this summer on a cd player/ clock radio that sits on his dresser. It has a cool blue glow to it. The time however is not 2:2o. It happens to get unpluged frequently, so the time is usually not set correctly. The picture showes up much cooler if I took it with no flash so you could see the glow of the light. When I took the photo with the flash, it looked like an ordinary cd player on top of a dresser owned by a 4 year old.

When we lived in our old house, B used to listen to the music in his room almost every night. He would holler for us when the cd would get finished and we would have to go in and start it again for him. He hasn't had a cd player in his room for a while now, but this October we purchased a KidsBop Halloween cd that we played (a little too) frequently out in our kitchen on this cd player. All the daycare kids would jam out to dancing and singing to songs like the witch doctor and monster mash....about a million and seven times a day. When Halloween has happily over I packed the cd away until the torture I will put myself through next year and moved the cd player into B's room. He has been enjoying music again at bedtime since then again.

Monday night at book club at a friends house, I listened to the crackling of the fireplace and the wind and rain on the windows while we were warm and cozy inside. I heard the sounds of our three doggies barking and rolling around with each other all day. Earlier, there was cartoons and laughter while the house was full of daycare kids (but not much tattling today) I heard water dripping in the shower stall in the basement when I went in to put in a load of laundry....our senses are always busy.... but how often do we take the time to realize what we are surrounded by?

Join us as we look at:
Wednesday- touch
Thursday- taste
Friday- smell


  1. This is such a fun contest. I really want to participate but I dont feel very creative. I am going to do my best. Thanks for inviting me over here.

  2. Thanks for the invite, Amber... I'll try to get in on some it this week.

  3. Love the picture! I love how the blue light fills and luminates the space. It is always neat when you can change your settings or just not use a flah for a picture. It came make pictures shine with just little effort.

  4. It's so true. The hearing sense seems to be one that we overlook quite a lot. A definite wake-up call to stop and savor more than we do.

  5. That looks really cool. Our alarm clock is waaay old. It was my dad's when I was growing up. It's got over 20 years old. LOL

  6. Great picture!!

    Thanks for choosing my picture yesterday. :-)


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