Saturday, November 7, 2009

Selah & Stalker Sunday!!!

Last month, on a Sunday afternoon, I wasn't feeling to well. I was sitting in the chair thinking about calling off work the next day. I had not taken a shower all day, just laid on the couch due to not feeling well.

B was in his room taking a nap.

Hubby was at practice.
My friend Ashley called and told me about a tweet she had just recieved.

Selah was going to be in concert in LaVista which was only about 25 minutes away. Avalon was going to be performing with them.

Todd Smith, husband of Angie Smith happens to be a vocalist with Selah.

Angie was going to be at the show.
Yeah, seriously.

Holy wow!

2 problems. Show was in 45 minutes and I wasn't feeling well.

Problem solved: throw a little hairspray, perfume, and make-up- ready to go in 20 minutes & suck it up- how could I have lived with missing the chance!

Ashley picks me up and we bust it to LaVista. Tickets were only $15 and online it told us that tickets should be available at the door. We arrive only about 5 minutes late and as we drive by the doors I notice the signs hanging on the door.


um...that was not going to work for us. not. one. bit.

We turn back around and the parking lot security guy asks us if he can help us...

I launch into sob story mode and tell him....

we just found out about the concert...
we busted our behinds to get here...
I was sick all day...
I didn't even shower...
we live in Iowa....
the computer said tickets should be available at doors....
we don't have any tickets...
we have to get in....
and on and on

he was so nice and told us that they had a few tickets left of some no shows and that we should go in and ask.

I jumped out of Ashley's burb and continue the sob story inside that WE NEED two tickets and $30 later they magically appear.

Holy yeah, baby.

We were going to see Selah, Todd Smith, Avalon, and ANGIE SMITH.

The show was awesome and the church was a beautiful location for the concert. Very intimate. The sound was amazing. Shortly after we sat in our seats (great seats by the way) Todd introduced his wife who was sitting in the audience.

During the intermission we went stalker mode and made a beeline against the traffic for our chance of a lifetime to meet Angie.
And we did.

And she had her own little line waitng to see her.

A whole little group of Sundays.

It was awesome.
So worth it.

And yes, I did work the next day.

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