Monday, November 16, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Session 3/ Day 1

This week in the My Life. In Pictures. photo challenge we are looking at "The 5 Senses". You are welcome to join in all 5 days or just one of them- click here for more info on this challenge! We are looking forward to what you can show us about your life!

Today the challenge is "Sight". One of the great things about the midwest is all of the beautiful trees we have in the fall that change color and drop their leaves. This is our first fall in our new house and our neighbors had some beautiful colored leaves that were so pretty to see. If you remember from our first photo challenge, I really enjoy looking out our front doors at the world.
The schedule for the week is:
Monday: Sight
Tuesday: Hearing
Wednesday: Touch
Thursday: Taste
Friday: Smell
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Our neighbor directly east across from our house had two full trees that filled his yard with beautiful yellow leaves. I know that tons of leaves in a yard like this are sort of a pain, but when I see a yard blanketed in leaves, it just looks so full of possibility. Leaf fights, leaf piles to jump in, and leaves to kick with your feet as you walk through them.
I enjoyed looking our our front door and living room windows each day at the colors right in front of me!


  1. Amber, this is going to be harder than I thought!!! My posts will likely be a bit funky as I try to combine living here with the topic of the day ... and please discard my slip of paper if I should happen to win!!

    LOVE LOVE that photo of those beautiful leaves ... makes me miss home!

  2. Gorgeous colors. We don't get colors like that here in southern VA. Makes me miss fall in Michigan.

  3. Very beautiful photo. Most of our leaves around us have dropped for the trees already. I love that winter is on it's way but am sad that we did not have much of a fall.

  4. That is a great photo, I love the tree!
    Thanks for the invite, count me in.

  5. Okay, so I'm a day behind, and you've already named the lovely Annie as the pick of the day, but I wanted to put my little pic and story up too, just to join the fun. Hope that's okay!

  6. OK mine's in for day 3 - I think I linked it right this time. Take care!


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