Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Session 3/ Day 4

Our Wednesday Shot of the Day goes to Patti. She was the first one to enter for Wed. and I loved the picture right away! It goes perfect with the sense of touch. I also love the shadow and sunlight in the picture. Great job- and you earned an extra entry for the Target gift card!

Can I also tell you that all of you who participate make it very difficult for me to pick one photo for the Shot of the Day. Several times during these last three sessions of My Life. In Pictures I have had to narrow it down and call in my hubby for back up to make the decision. It is so fun to get a peak into each one of your lives.

For Thursday, the challenge is "taste". I'm really stretching here on this one... but I didn't just want to take a picture of something I was eating today!

Here is my turkey... ready for Thanksgiving- made out of M & M's. We are potty training here at the daycare and these are used for "potty treats" so we have a huge bag of M & M's.

The picture is nothing special and I was feeling like a big dork as I sat at the table trying to make a turkey out of candies. I went a little wack-o on the editing, using my favorite site Picnik.

Who doesn't love the taste of plain ol' M & M's?

Tomorrow is our last day for the Session 3 of the My Life. In Pictures. challenge. Stop back and check out what everyone has for "smell" on Friday and this weekend I will give it a shot to use my Flip camera to let you know who are winner is!



  1. Very creative, if you ask me! Potty training can be such a trying time; any little tricks help!

  2. P.S. Have been really digging your music player all week!

  3. I don't envy you potty training multiple kids at a time. Thankfully my Mom helped potty train my son while she was living with us (during my chemo-battle) but now I'm on my own to potty train my daughter. She's ready, she can dress and undress herself, and recognizes when she is going but she just doesn't want to do it. In fact that is what she tells me "don't want to." Candy bribes have not been able to change her mind. Argh!

  4. I love M&M's of all kinds! Yum! Potty going so well at our house, even with M&M's!


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