Friday, January 30, 2009

14 WHAT?!?

Okay, really... now what is the deal with the lady having all those kids. A little hard for someone who can't have any and can't even get one out of two attempts with IVF.

When I first heard the story the day they were delivered I went to the mall with my friend Mandi. As we were walking in I was telling her that since they were surprised by the 8th baby, maybe we could just have that one. It's not like they knew they were having 8. She was just planning on 7 anyways.. Would she even miss one? And who needs 8 babies. But you know I was serious.

Okay, so then in the next few days more news comes out about this lady. More news that just makes me MAD! WHY!?!

Here is some of the things they are saying:

1st off..... she has 6 FRICKIN kids already! Is she just the baby hog devil or what?

2nd...she lives with her parents!

3rd... she is single!

4th... they live in a 3 bedroom home!

5th.. they were all done with IVF

6th... she used a sperm donor

7th... a neighbor reports that the grandma yells at the kids all the time for being so rambuctious. Well she looks old, how is she supposed to put up with living with 14 kids?

8th... the first 6 kids are from ages 2-7

Don't know how much of that is true since these reports are just preliminary, but geeze.

All I can do is shake my head and say "seriously" over and over. It is like this story is some kind of joke.

I do pray for the babies that they end up healthy. This is in no way their fault and they deserve the very best life.

Here are a few news stories that have been published lately to catch you up if you haven't been following the news (and living under a rock)

But first... a picture that is on the Mom.logic site that just cracks me up. This is exactly what I was picturing in my mind.,2933,485924,00.html


  1. Seriously, what mother needs that many babies!!!!! All I'm asking for is ONE. Your description cracked me right up :)

  2. You just made my day, even if it is the end of the day. I so agree with you and of course we have no room to judge this woman because we really don't know her but I do think we have the right to think "what the heck is this woman thinking!!!" My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and are not to successful at the moment so I agree that this woman should pass some of her kids around. He He!!!

  3. Great blog and seriously what is that woman thinking? I'm new to your blog but you are funny and I love you layout!!


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