Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super Cool Giveaway

One of my very favorite blogs where I get super cute crafty ideas to do with my little ones around here is No Time for Flashcards. They are having a GREAT giveaway right now of a Melissa and Doug stack and sort board. B would totally love this. They have something similar at the library that he always goes for. I can't say enough about how much I love Melissa and Doug products. We have several of them and you can always count on quality with their products.

You can click here to visit the blog and enter yourself to win the stack and sort board if I don't win it first! But while you are there, spend some time looking through all of her way cool ideas!


  1. Hi Amber,Thanks for your comment! And I'm sorry that you feel so alone in your MOPS group! Have you felt comfortable sharing there, or within your small group, what you are going through? I am sure you can not be the only one.......someone there may have/or have had the same struggle. Statistics almost would assure that??
    It's very hard to open up about though.
    Blessings and comfort to your heart!


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