Friday, January 23, 2009

Scarf Ramblings

2 quick things about scarves tonight.

1st- I'm all set to go to a Mom's Night Out with my MOPS group tonight, wearing my new black scarf and grey t shirt and my husband walks in the door from work.

"What's with the scarves? I read your blog" He is not into them, but what does he know right?

2nd- At our MNO tonight one of the girls (who was at book club the other night when I wore my new pink scarf) asked me for a fashion tip with scarves! At first I thought she was joking and that she had read my post about them! But she hadn't seen my blog! Whoopieee! I am a scarf fashionista! So, of course I had to show her (my blog and how to tie it!) So, we can soon look for Tanis to be joining the cool scarf club! Hopefully she sports one at our next MOPS meeting in Feb. I will be sure to share a picture with you!


  1. Ok, I'm checking in with your blog AGAIN. Here you are with another 'scarf look'. You will be here in a few hours. I wonder what 'scarf look' you will be wearing.

  2. I LOVE your scarf! And your blog is super cute too! I'm going to add you to my reader.

    I'm really looking forward to your photos this week!


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